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Links to Helpful Information & Forms

1. There is now a State Wide approved Financial Affidavit which must be completed in all family law cases. It is a fillable PDF form.

2. All cases involving minor children require the parents or other parties seeking parenting rights or responsibilities to attend an approved parenting course.

For the First Circuit (Pope, Pulaski and Jackson Counties), the approved parenting program is Positive Parenting Through Divorce:

For cases in the Second Circuit (Franklin, Jefferson, Wayne, Alexander, Johnson, Saline, and Williamson) the parenting course is Children's First. Information for this program is found at There is an online version of this parenting course, but you must get approval from the court to take the course online as opposed to in person.

3. A Pre-Mediation Questionnaire is required to be completed by each party prior to mediation to be provided to the mediator. This form is the same in the First and Second Circuits.

4. The Second Circuit's outline of the steps and process involved in family mediation:

5. To file a simple Entry of Appearance form in a civil case such as a foreclosure action, small claims case, or other general civil matter. Here is a State approved General form for Entry of Appearance:

6. The State of Illinois has several approved forms for various legal matters. Click here to view their approved forms page:

7. The Second Circuit has several forms available on their website for various legal matters:

8. SIU School of Law also has several legal forms online.